The Dressy Towel

Ahhhh!  The hanging towel.  I mean, how great are they, right?  Hands are wet, need a towel, bam!  Look,  there’s a hanging towel!  Now, some people just hang a towel over the handle on the oven door and call it good.  I can’t do that.  I have three kids!  Unless the towel is attatched to something, my towels end up in the yard!

Some people buy or make a special hanging towel made by crocheting or knitting a top that the towel is sewn onto.  You know the ones.  Well, I love the hanging towel that stays in place but,  I wanted something a little more modern.   Herego: the Dressy Towel. 

 The Dressy Towel comes in many different styles and colors and most come with a coordinating hand knit dishcloth.  Check them out at our Etsy site! 

If you can’t find a Dressy Towel that you like on the site, feel free to contact me for a custom towel.


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