Quilting Resumed….

Quilting resumed today, Yay!  My newest WIP (work in progress) is what I am calling “The Pheasant Quilt”.  It’ll get a better name when it’s done.  While I don’t have the exact pattern worked out yet, the design is there.  Here is what I have so far.

First, I raided my stash and these are the fabrics I chose:

The next step was cutting them into 21 x 1½” strips.  I then joined them together into strip sets that follow my pattern.  That info will become available in the future pattern.  For now, I’m still in the designing mode. Here is a snapshot of one of the strip-sets.


There are 11 different stip sets for this quilt.  When put together in the right order and cut at the right width, you get one block.  Here is a picture of two blocks sewn together to start row one.  Once again, the pattern for this quilt will be available on Etsy in the near future.

That’s all I have so far!  I am currently working on block three for row one.  Keep checking back, you don’t want to miss the finished project! 


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Quilting Interrupted….

Well.  We made it ten years.  Ten years of boyhood before the first trip to the emergency room.  Last night, my 10 year old son, Alex, suffered a dog bite to his bottom lip.  Is there anything worse, Mom’s, than to see your child hurting?  I doubt it. 

I wasn’t outside last night when the bite occured but it sounds like my son tried to give a neighborhood dog a hug.  Not a good idea.  He didn’t know that some dogs don’t like hugs.  Our dog loves them!   He was bit and we were off to the ER.  Three hours and 8 stitches later, we were back home and off to bed.  What a brave little boy he was!  Today, he’s a little worried about getting his stitches taken out because then he’ll lose his “coolness”.  I assured him he would still be very cool. 

Here’s a pic of the damage, if you can handle it.

I’m so just so thankful that he’s okay.

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Baby quilt in the making….

Ahhhhh……on to the real fun!  Quilting.  Somewhere amid snapping and posting pics of my Etsy inventory, cleaning house, watching kids and entertaining company, I’ve managed to start a baby quilt.  Here are the fabrics I chose:

And here is where I’m at now:

I wish I could have blogged about the process thus far but it was enough this week just to be able to sew part of  it together! 

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Knit Dishcloths available from Soulo•Decor!

I’ve posted the next batch of inventory on our Etsy site:  Knit Dishcloths.  Check it out!

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The Dressy Towel

Ahhhh!  The hanging towel.  I mean, how great are they, right?  Hands are wet, need a towel, bam!  Look,  there’s a hanging towel!  Now, some people just hang a towel over the handle on the oven door and call it good.  I can’t do that.  I have three kids!  Unless the towel is attatched to something, my towels end up in the yard!

Some people buy or make a special hanging towel made by crocheting or knitting a top that the towel is sewn onto.  You know the ones.  Well, I love the hanging towel that stays in place but,  I wanted something a little more modern.   Herego: the Dressy Towel. 

 The Dressy Towel comes in many different styles and colors and most come with a coordinating hand knit dishcloth.  Check them out at our Etsy site! 

If you can’t find a Dressy Towel that you like on the site, feel free to contact me for a custom towel.

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Soulo•Decor on Etsy!

It’s so exciting!  Soulo•Decor is on Etsy!  Check it out at www.soulodecor.etsy.com!  I uploaded a bunch of images yesterday but there is still more to do!  Keep checking back to see the latest updates to our inventory!

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