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W.I.P. Update


So many projects, not enough hours in the day!  🙂 

Here are some pics of what I’m working on:

There’s the “Rest Time Roll-up” mentioned in an earlier post, four more rows and it’ll be ready for borders…..

……the “Pheasant Quilt”, also from an earlier post, taking an extended break from this one…..

…….a bargello crib quilt (also, previously mentioned)….trying to think of the perfect words to applique in the brown rows…..

…..the newest addition to the W.I.P.’s, a hand-painted  “quilted” gourd birdhouse, just needs a few coats of glossy paint and it’ll be done…..

…….and another ‘quilted’ gourd in a much less finished stage, needs alot yet….

……..and, of course, there is the never-ending job of laundry, cleaning, cooking….you get my drift. 🙂

 I am waiting for a sunny day to take some pics outside of my quilt-top stash to post on my portfolio (coming soon).  Hopefully, tomorrow…….

Until then…

Be Creative!


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Rest Time Roll-up Continued…..

Progress!  What a lovely word!  The Rest Time Roll-up is coming along splendidly.  Here’s what I’ve worked on:

I cut my pieces the other day so today I began sewing them together to make triangles for pinwheels. 

 I then sewed them together to make my pinwheels. 

Then it was back to the real life of “mommyhood”….stay tuned. 

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Knit Dishcloths available from Soulo•Decor!

I’ve posted the next batch of inventory on our Etsy site:  Knit Dishcloths.  Check it out!

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The Dressy Towel

Ahhhh!  The hanging towel.  I mean, how great are they, right?  Hands are wet, need a towel, bam!  Look,  there’s a hanging towel!  Now, some people just hang a towel over the handle on the oven door and call it good.  I can’t do that.  I have three kids!  Unless the towel is attatched to something, my towels end up in the yard!

Some people buy or make a special hanging towel made by crocheting or knitting a top that the towel is sewn onto.  You know the ones.  Well, I love the hanging towel that stays in place but,  I wanted something a little more modern.   Herego: the Dressy Towel. 

 The Dressy Towel comes in many different styles and colors and most come with a coordinating hand knit dishcloth.  Check them out at our Etsy site! 

If you can’t find a Dressy Towel that you like on the site, feel free to contact me for a custom towel.

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